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Sustainability has become an extremely popular topic over the last few years, and understandably so. With the Kon Mari Method movement and all of the awareness brought to the fashion industry, thinking more about purchases and their cost per wear is important. Creating more aware consumers is fantastic. While being one hundred percent perfect with this isn't plausible, starting to make more conscious wardrobe picks is a huge start. 
Like anyone else out there, I'm not perfect with this. I have the best of intentions for welcoming new items in, and sometimes.. they just don't work. I have discovered that it's happening less and less, and I pay attention to why they didn't work. That way, when I'm shopping in the future, I notice those 'won't work for me' qualities more quickly and not make the purchase. 
Today I'm sharing some of my most worn items that have proved themselves in the cost per wear category time and time again. 

Pendleton Checked Blazer

Plaid Blazer from A New Day via Target

 Levi's Denim Jacket

Forever 21 Moto Teddy Coat

(Oh my goodness, baby Hank!)

Coach Graphic Tee

Poison Baseball Tee

Alexander McQueen Scarf
Here and here

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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