Bag of the Moment | Fall 2019

Recently I found an all too relatable meme. Never date a girl who carries a tiny purse, or even no purse at all. She doesn't need you or anything to survive. It really got me thinking. There definitely are two types of ladies out there. The ones with the Mary Poppins bags that have anything you may need "just in case". And then there are the ones with the barely there bags that hold the essentials. Both can equally hold their own, but definitely says a lot about their typical state. Those that feel more confident with extra necessities just in case, and those that feel confident with what they already have. 
For my day to day, I most certainly fall in the second category. 
This little plaid bag of joy is small, but mighty. Its looks are most certainly deceiving. 

It is the perfect bag for everyday life, as well as traveling for a concert or theme park bag. IT fits all the essentials and a handful of necessities. I purchased it back in August and fell immediately in love. With the Clueless yellow plaid and the Balenciaga city bag vibes, I couldn't resist! Plus being a Walmart find? Even better. I love the dual handles/straps, which makes it all the more versatile. I just absolutely love it, and haven't gotten bored of it or found something I disliked. To make it more mine and unique I added the Doc key chain from Coach's collaboration with Disney and the chain strap from another bag. 
What is it able to hold you may ask? 

Not only can it hold all of this, but it can also hold my wallet with keys, my sunglasses case and my phone charger comfortably. Small bags are the absolute best!
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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