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Until a year and a half ago, my only knowledge of zombies was from Michael Jackson's Thriller music video. Yep. I know. With The Walking Dead and Warm Bodies being in pop culture, how is that I still had zero knowledge? Out of all of the spookable types, they've never been my jam. Vampires? Sure. Werewolves and Frankenstein's monster? No question. Zombies? Not so much. No particular reason, I just didn't gravitate towards them at all.
A year and a half ago, that all changed. Why, you ask? I started reading one of my now favorite book series. Dead Drive. 

How did they transform a non-zombie lover to an avid fan of a series filled with them? So many answers to that question. For anyone who isn't a zombie fan, don't let that stop you. Sure, they take place during the Zombie Apocalypse. Sure, there are zombies in them. But that's more so a background factor to them, or the initial cause for the effect that comes later. A domino effect if you will. I would describe them as a story about friendship, adventure and a love story... All rolled into one great package. A hopefully prophetic unauthorized autobiography, even. They also happen to be the funniest books I have ever read. Hands down. They have a little bit of everything for everyone.
Another major pro for me is that they take place in New Hampshire.  Or partly. I really enjoy reading books or watching movies that take place in New England; if it's NH, even better. It's a comforting feeling. Plus, it makes me excited because I know exactly what the writer is talking about. Oooh, or anytime you find out a celebrity is from your home state. It's like a sense of pride and makes you feel like yeah, it is possible to go big if you're from here. And to have one of your favorite series and author from your home state? It's just pretty darn awesome. 
The last installment of this series only just came out, and I totally and completely binged it. Each book individually is incredible. Book 4-Revivification, though? It's my absolute favorite. Go and read them! You can find them on Amazon! You're welcome in advance. 

Sunnies: Rue 21 |
Bomber Jacket: Coach |
Tee: Walmart |
Pants: Walmart |
Boots: TJMaxx |

Books: Amazon  

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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