New In & Lust List | November 2019

You know, life is a little funny. Shopping has always been one of my favorite past times, and still is. But these days... I don't find myself shopping a ton. Browsing and window shopping, sure; but not really pulling the trigger on anything. Like I said in my last Wish & Styling Lust List, I'm really happy and content with my Fall wardrobe. I have spent the last decade truly curating it and not in need of much. And, I'm really happy with life in general, so I don't find myself shopping like I once did. Quite the change for the girl who once owned a 100 pairs of shoes and never saw that collection dwindling, only growing. 
With that being said, I have added two new items to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe! With the start of chilly weather I typically like to add two items into my wardrobe. Those are scarves and sunglasses, each year I fall in love with new ones, and add one of each. What happens to the ones of past years? They still get all the love and stay in rotation, but I like to add to that. Because in New England, chilly weather seems to last forever and fun accessories just make those days better. 
New In 
These new additions both came from Sojos Vision. And both were bought in mind to coordinate with my favorite Winter coat from Forever 21 (similar) last year. It is still the favorite, especially with the chilly mornings thus far. The shades I absolutely love and are a great alternative to my black aviators I got this Summer. There is just something about this time of year that has me rediscover my love of neutrals, specifically this shade of brown. And this year that is just amplified with my hair going back to its natural tones. So you combine my favorite style of sunglasses with that neutral tone? Match made in Heaven. Plus! I feel like Mick Mars in the Girls, Girls, Girls music video. And who doesn't want to feel like that? 

 Sunnies and Scarf were gifted
The scarf is the perfect finishing touch for the jacket as well as the sunnies. It is lightweight, but incredibly warm and cozy.  Because of the colors, pattern and weight it's perfect for everyday wear as well as bundling up. It's not always the easiest thing to find scarves that transition, and this one most certainly does. Cannot wait to style it up!

Lust List
Since the days of my massive lust lists are over (maybe?), there are only two things on it! I suppose three if we're including me still loving those white Doc Marten boots.. Because I do. So aside from those gorgeous boots, I have a re-purchase and a dream item. A staple in my wardrobe for the last six years have been faux leather leggings/pants. I currently am on my third style of them, and these ones have been my favorite. They are the moto faux leather legging from Spanx. They are so comfy and I can style them with just about anything you throw my way. A blazer, a turtleneck, a band tee? You got it. They can be dressed up or down, and I feel like an 80s rocker. Do we see a trend?.. My current pair I bought back in December and then shortly there after I got a second pair in a different color. The second pair is great, but a little more tricky to style compared to the black. So, the classic black style is on my list! 

Leggings from Spanx

Back in July, I wrote a post about the current runway looks I was loving. I think the one that I was most blown away by was the Moschino Trick or Chic show for the Spring/Summer 20 show. The entire thing was this incredibly kitschy Halloween show done with Jeremy Scott's pure creative brilliance. If you haven't seen the show, or little snippets I highly recommend. I think one of my favorite runway shows ever. Yeah. Ever. I'm a sucker for Halloween, so I'm all for bringing it to the everyday styling. So many items stand out to me in this collection (and would be a dream to own), but the one that stands out the most is the classic Moschino belt with the Trick or Chic twist. I have been on the hunt for the classic belt for a while, and then this bad Larry popped up. It has the classic look and feel, with a fun twist that represents the collection. Are those pumpkin faces? Why, yes, yes they are. I mean, could a belt get any better? I don't think so. 

Belt from Moschino

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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