The Second Year

Every person evolves and changes. Their style, their taste, their everything; and it's truly fascinating. In elementary school we learn about the growth of a caterpillar and how they develop into this beautiful butterfly. To my sister who's reading this, I apologize for the visual that was just in your head from that sentence. That change and growth is something that is celebrated and is amazing. And for good reason, because it is. You aren't meant to stay constant, or the same. Change can be incredibly scary, but to accompany it, it's incredibly exciting and thrilling. 
Over the past two years you have seen this blog grow and evolve, as well as my style. Hopefully. It's truly incredible to see how far I have come in the last twelve months. I think that I have had the most growth that I ever have, and honestly, I'm beyond excited about it! Looking back at so many different looks and concepts I created, it got me thinking. When we're younger, we experiment. And in doing so, I've realized a few things.

For one, I'm not a red lipstick kinda girl. I've tried. A lot. Different formulas, shades and what's the end result? Always a major disappointment. I look to Dita Von Teese, Gwen Stefani and all of the screen sirens who pulled the scarlet shade to no avail. It just never works for me. A gorgeous soft nude pink? Now we're talking. 
Another thing is the boyfriend/girlfriend/Mom jean trend I love, I really do. There is something so nostalgic in it for me. It wasn't quite the option for me when the 90's trend was around the first time, so here was my second chance for a fashion trend! And I've gotta tell you, I love wearing them. They are great. But photographing wise? They are just plain unflattering on me. I just don't have the body type for them, I'm petite with some meaty thighs. I'm a-okay with those traits, that style just doesn't do me any favors. There is that part of me that goes, screw that, you like 'em so wear 'em. Which will remain true for all the oversized band tees and flannels, but the jeans? Well, there's so many other cuts that are way more flattering and I love just as much.. If not more. So really it is a win/win all around.
While going through so many past posts and looking at older pictures, it's almost strange to see me with all the different electric hair colors. And the funny thing is, for so long that was a part of me. That's how so many people identified me. The girl with the 'purple/blue' hair, and I was so okay with that. But now that I have my natural color back and look at those? It just doesn't feel like me anymore. I will say, never say never with hair. In a month I could totally disagree with that statement, the fun of being a Gemini! Having the darker hair and feeling more comfortable in my skin to just go with the flow in my beauty routine.. Is incredibly refreshing. 
Once upon a time, my beauty routine was fairly extensive and full-coverage. Seeing me without a brow product, liquid eyeliner and highlight was unheard of a few years ago. Heck, even last year. But the last few months things have changed. Going along with growing and becoming more myself, I have gone back to the basics. A much more simple make-up routine and styles I've always loved. In many ways with my make-up, hair and style that I'm currently loving has taken me back to my high school years. It's funny how things come full circle! My love of bright colored sheath dresses and heels, my natural brunette locks and clear mascara on my brows are back in full swing; and I kinda dig it. 

It's unbelievable that the blog is celebrating its second birthday. I'm incredibly excited to see what the third year of the blog will bring! Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in the creating process, I'm eternally grateful; and for those who always support me, thank you. 
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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