What We Wore | F*ck It Friday

Happy f*ck it Friday! 
You may be asking if that's a thing. An extremely valid question. And to be honest, it is now. Day to day, we all struggle with pressures and stress that make life suck. We hold on to it, and let it eat at us and drain away any happiness possible. Sure, not every day is like that.. but they sure can build up and it gets exhausting. Life shouldn't be that way. It is meant to be filled with happy moments and adventures and 'best week evers'. And yes, the not so great days will still exist.. Hopefully few and far between. 
But with the attitude of f*ck it Friday? Let it roll off your back. Don't take things personally. Let it go like Elsa. How empowering is that? To flip off the world and do your own thing. So here is to many more f*ck it Fridays! Rock on with your bad self.
So incredibly proud of my awesome Mom for always encouraging me on this journey that we call life, but also playing part when it is definitely not her thing. Love you! 

Sunnies: Sojos Glasses |
Scarf: Alexander McQueen |
Sweater: LLBean |
Flannel: Dickie's |
Leggings: Spanx |
Boots: Franco Sarto via Famous Footwear |

Sunnies: Old Navy |
Sweater: Old Navy |
Jeans: Old Navy |
Gloves: Kohl's |
Boots: Kohl's |

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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