2020, The Year of the Concert

Happy new year! I hope that the Holiday season was fantastic for everyone and that 2020 is shaping up to be an incredible start of a year for you. A new year, means a new post about said new year and reflecting on the past one (last year's, fun to look back on!). 2018 was the year of the positive vibes and 2019 was the year of opportunity. So many big things happened this past year.

An adorable boy named Hanky came into my life.
Two awesome trips to Disney.
Saw Alice Cooper again. 
Saw Aerosmith and my love Joe Perry.
Got extensions, and started growing out my hair. 
Was featured on Overtone's account (twice, pinch me). 
Got off of pain medication. (Read about that here)
Nikki Sixx liked not one, but TWO Instagram posts (seriously, someone, pinch me). 
Was interviewed for the first time, and featured on a blog. (I'm going to be bruised from all of the pinching)
And, I got a divorce.

Needless to say, a whole lot going on. At the beginning of each year, I like to jot down things that I would like to focus or work on in the year ahead. I tape the list in the back of my planner so they're always handy and I'm able to check in and see how I'm doing during the year. For this past year my list was: 
Making self care a priority.
Find a balance of work life, home life and blog life.
Work with 2 companies I love.
Reach 450 Instagram followers. 
Make content that I'm proud of.
And to start earning from blogging. 
I've gotta say, I did pretty darn well in accomplishing that list. Over the past year, 6 months especially, I have made time management a key tool for life. Which has helped immensely with making self care a priority, as well as finding the balance in my life. I am pleased to say I have worked with more than 2 companies that I love, and would love to work with them more in the coming months. I am still ever-growing on Instagram, and not quite at that number but definitely getting there.  And if you don't follow me, I'm leahmaeleahmaynot over on Instagram! Nice way to kick off the year, a little shameless self promo. I have started to earn from blogging which is mind-blowing and exciting all rolled into one; which leads to our last item on the agenda. Making content that I am proud of. I am so incredibly proud of the posts and ideas that I created in 2019. I absolutely love challenging myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I love coming up with new concepts, planning them and seeing them come to fruition. I am excited to see the many creative places that my brain goes in 2020!

Which brings us back to what 2020 is.  
2020 is the year of the concert. If you follow me on any form of social media, the title of this comes as zero surprise. Seriously, it's leahmaeleahmaynot, go find me. Joking, but not really. Thanks in advance!  The boys are a regular feature over there. You know, the boys. Teddy, Hanky and Nikki Sixx. Which brings us right into today's topic! Motley Crue is BACK FROM RETIREMENT. That's right you rockin' mofos, the bad boys of rock are back! Get excited. And if you aren't, that's alright because I am for the both of us. This year one of most exciting stadium tours is coming our way featuring Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Joan Jett. Genuinely my dream line-up. I love each separately, but together? Watch out. And I would like to think that is the vibe for 2020, watch out for all the exciting-ness that is coming in the next twelve months. Because it's going to be BIG. Like indoor plumbing. Ten points to you if you get the reference.

Thanks as always for reading, and hanging around for the super chatty post. Here's to 2020, may it rock your socks off!
Leah xx


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