Behind the Curtain

In a world where there are magazines and Instagram that share highly edited photos opposed to the once instant camera phone shots, we forget that what we see doesn't happen organically. And I'm definitely guilty of that on my own Instagram, as well as on here. Creating images, enhancing them and getting them to be the best they can be is a lot of fun. But today, I'm going to bring you behind the curtain of different images that have appeared on the blog! Let's get rockin' and a rollin'.
The Set Up.

Now, this shot was featured in my Twelve Days of December. But you saw the edited cropped version, and you most certainly didn't see my awesome set up. However today is a different story! I was most certainly staying comfy in the lower part of my body with my super cozy Rudolph pj pants, although.. Tis the season. Lighting wise, I didn't do too much editing wise. 

Why, yes. This was the set up for these shots. 

This super high-tech set up is how I was able to do all of these posts (12 and 3). Completely serious. I would set my phone up in between those bricks with my pop socket before work, set the ten second timer and just run, run, run to get the shot! And with each shot that was posted, they were either took one or two shots total to get. 

Now, I have an incredible tripod and bluetooth remote (thank you, Dad!) and it has made a WORLD of difference! 

The Back Story.

This post from last December featured a rockin' Christmas look. But what you don't know is shortly before this picture was taken, I had just had a major anxiety attack. One of the biggest I have ever had, and thankfully was the last one I have had. A picture can tell a thousand words, but it usually doesn't tell you what's actually happening.

Now, this one is one of my favorite shots from 2018. This was from my Harry Potter house series, and I love how they came out.. But behind the scenes? I was suffering a horrible migraine. 


Lighting is so incredibly key. Natural lighting, not even in the editing realm of things. These images both are unedited from this post from August, but lighting makes a world of difference. That's why time of day to shoot is so important, as is where the sun is when you do take pictures. It can make different features look so different. Something that you wouldn't make that big of a difference.. actually really does.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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