Books. Books. Books.

For me, it has always been books. I don't remember a time where they haven't been a key part of my life. From J is for Jaguar to Little Women and everywhere in between, it's always been books.
This past year had a whole lot going on, and I didn't have nearly as much time designated to read as I would have liked... and found myself on my phone. A lot. Granted running/helping to run three instagram accounts as well as other social media platforms does cause one to be on their phone a lot. But when I was done posting, I would find myself mindlessly scrolling. And I didn't like that. In the Summer I got back on a reading kick and busted through a partially finished stack in a matter of a few weeks. Like writing, I didn't realize how much I missed it until I actually did it. Then life got crazy again, and the scrolling started back up. One of my goals for this year (and to continue thereafter) is to scroll less and read more. Seems easy enough! Over my break around the Holidays I busted through 4 books in about a week. I watched minimal YouTube or Netflix and was still on my phone.. But minimal. Enough to post, check on how said posts were doing and respond to comments. My mind felt rested and firing on all cylinders. I've greatly missed that!

For 2020 my goal is to read 14 books. My new favorite app is helping me stay accountable with that. And yes, I did bust out 4 books in a week... that was also with complete time off. I know this year is going to be fabulously busy and want to be realistic. This new (or new to me) app is called GoodReads and it's awesome! You can set a goal, add books to your to-read list, add books to your already read list, review them... And when you complete a book it shows you what percentage you're currently at. Super nerdy, and it's awesome!

So far, I have completed (at the time of writing this at least) two books. I re-read the Key trilogy from Nora Roberts. Yep, she's my reading guilty pleasure. I've read this specific set 4 times since I was twelve. The characters are just such a comfort at this point, and I love the Celtic lore that goes along with this one. Anyway! I read the first two at the end of the December, and the third carried on into the new year. The second was Othello. I read Romeo and Juliet, Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet all in school, then continued on with Henry VIII after. What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything Tudor related. While reading the Key series, Othello was referenced and I realized I had never read it and wanted to. Not exactly my favorite Shakespeare play, but Iago is something else that's for sure. An incredibly fascinating character that makes you go is this dude for real? The last act had my jaw dropping the entire time; kudos for the twists and turns, William.

I have a stack of books already in my 'to-read' pile, and it never seems to get smaller... I have a full library of books. I love the look and smell of them, and love seeing them throughout my home. Rarely do I give them away. They just bring so much joy. Plus, you never know when you're going to need to re-read one or look up a specific quote. In my collection there are a ton of old books that I have just for looks, then there are random titles I get because they interest me. Will I read them? Potentially. I mean, who doesn't need a book with the title 'Severed' in their collection? All about beheading. You just never know when you may need one!

And naturally, I have a book wishlist. They are...

Memento Mori by Amicus Arcane, book #4 in the Haunted Mansion inspired series

Cherry on Top by Bobbie Brown, because apparently there's still more dirt than what was in Dirty Rocker Boys

The Velvet Rose by Susan Holmes McKagan, yep Duff's awesome wife!

Wilde About the Girl and Wilde Women by Louise Pentland, LOVED the first book!

Walk This Way: the Autobiography of Aerosmith, need I say more?

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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