Favorites, Feelings and Thoughts

My goodness! Today was a long one. And why yes, I am indeed writing my favorites, thoughts and feelings. All while sitting on the couch after work while Hank is tossing his favorite squeaky toy and Teddy curled up next to me, watching YouTube (Alix from I Covet Thee is super relaxing), face mask on and legs crossed with my laptop is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. It's super mellow and relaxed, and I can actually write out everything that has been pondering in my head throughout the day.

My current favorites haven't really varied since the last time I did one back in November. I am still thoroughly enjoying writing, just jotting stuff down as well as on here (my most recent favorite post) and I have gotten on a reading kick again. One of my hopes for this year was to scroll less and read more. Well, I'm definitely doing pretty well on that. With running three social media accounts, I'm actively trying to spend less time in front of a screen. Oh the irony seeing as I'm currently typing on my computer and TV on in the background... But it's more the mindlessly scrolling. I would lose a lot of time doing absolutely nothing. At the end of my day, I watch a little something while I cook or eat dinner and after that? I read or write. And my mind feels so much better. Able to handle more, if that makes sense. 
With my down time after the holiday season, I got on a major reading kick. The one to kick it all off? Me Before You. I bought this book... Three years ago? It has been hanging out in my 'to-read' stack of books, and decided it was time to dive in. Oh. My. God. If you haven't read it, I HIGHLY recommend. I will not spoil anything... But the main character is me. I have never read a character and thought that is actually me. Age, style, personality, quirks... Everything. And the dynamic with Will? I completely get it. I haven't read the books following but they are most certainly on my list. I don't know the last time I got that emotionally invested in a story with the full-on Kim K ugly cry. But, so good.

The clothing item you (and everyone that sees me on a daily basis) are probably sick of seeing is my red sweater. That bad Larry was a Walmart find, and is a super simple chenille type sweater. It's a bold red and I freaking love it. It's warm, but not overly hot and easy to layer and it's such a happy color. And this is coming from the girl who isn't really a fan of red. But, it was my color crush last month! It's not that I dislike it... I'm just a cool toned color kinda girl, always have been. But red is most certainly having a moment for me.
Another color I'm being drawn to and seeing everywhere is chartreuse. No idea why, but it's popping up everywhere I look. Not even one I typically like, but it does remind me of a happy Spring green. Which naturally I love, because who doesn't?

Which ties in rather nicely to the last item on my list! The jade roller. I bought this well over a year ago.. and then it sat in my nightstand. I did notice a difference when I would remember to use it, but I just forgot about it. That was until I saw Courtney Kerr talking about it on her InstaStories and decided I needed to add it back in my life. And my goodness, what a difference! I talked about this a little bit in my recent skin care update, and it most certainly needs more of a focus. When I was writing that post, I had just added it back into my routine. 
It seems a bit of a gimmick, I get it. Rubbing a stone all over your face expecting to see results. It does help take down any puffiness or under eye bags, but what I notice most? It calms down the small and infrequent breakouts I get. Anything that is more red or irritated becomes mellowed out overnight. I use it with an oil every night before bed and every morning it's incredible the difference I've noticed. I picked mine up from TJMaxx without breaking the bank, and so glad that it's a part of my routine! I know there are different stones out there... And I have zero clue the benefits. The jade was the OG, so that's what I started with!

That's all for now!
Have a lovely start of February!
Thanks for reading
Leah xx


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