Skin Care Update | January 2020

My skin and I have had a long-standing relationship. I mean.. I suppose anyone could say that, and they wouldn't be wrong. The type of relationship I am referring to is a tumultuous relationship regarding acne, dark marks (minus Voldemort) and scarring. As a kid, I had little scratches from two little kittens we had and naturally, I never left them alone. Which lead them to leaving marks on my face that I will forever see. Then came my senior year of high school and went from having fairly decent skin to absolutely terrible acne. Bless my Mom for making sure my senior year photos could be retouched. This picture was taken during the midst of my journey that started back in October. Minus the occasional stubborn breakout, my skin had been doing pretty well, thanks to medication. I'm not terribly sure what happened in the beginning of October, perhaps the change in the weather? But it went to breakout city and unbelievably dry. What an awful combo. If it's just breakouts, you can tackle that. OR just dry, you can tackle that. But together? An endless vicious cycle. 
I have been trying out a few new cleansers and toners with my trusty First Aid Beauty moisturizer with not really great results. I would tackle a few overnight, and by the end of the day two more would pop up in its place. Red Skull wasn't wrong, because my skin is saying Hail Hydra. So many stubborn breakouts and this major dry patch covering my entire chin that just won't quit. Until now. 
I decided with skin care to go back to my roots. As far as foundation products go, I don't typically venture too far from bareMinerals. That was the foundation my sister got for me my senior year, and it helped cover and treat my skin all in one go. I have only strayed twice foundation wise over the last 8 years, and it gets incredibly grumpy. So, I just stick with any of their foundation products and we're golden. However with skin care, I adjust depending on the time of year and like to see what's out there in the World. Well, my skin hasn't been happy with that, the mix of the weather change and who knows what else. I just switched it up again and added in the Dirty Detox mask and Butter Drench moisturizer. 

I've already noticed a MAJOR difference. When the mask got launched, our bareMinerals rep said she uses it when she travels. Her skin gets easily congested on flights and the mask is sensitive enough to be used once a day. So! That is exactly what I have been doing. I apply the mask every night after I take my make-up off. It's a nice little pamper part to my evening, and I will continue to do it until my skin is back to normal. The moisturizer is a super-duper shea butter and has been helping so much. While my skin is usually extremely oily and anything too heavy normally breaks me out.. But right now? It's just what the doctor ordered! This has been my routine for the last month and I've noticed a major difference.

While these two have been my saving grace, the couple other honorable mentions are my Vitamin C facial oil and Jade roller. Sounds like a bunch of Hocus Pocus, but they make a major difference in my skin. They combat the dark spots leftover and neutralize the red irritated areas. Some spots still show up, but WAY LESS than before, and they're minor in comparison. I will be sure to keep you up to date on my journey! 
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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