Style Thoughts, Reflections and Lust List

Every so often I go through phases where I ponder my style, especially when I see different movie character’s culled style that I would really love to emulate. It makes you think for a second, alright if that’s really what I want do... Do I just take the plunge and do it? But then, it would be sticking too far in one specific area and the possibility of me getting bored would be highly likely. I’m definitely a Gemini, need that yin/yang balance. And who wants to be bored of their wardrobe? I instead have started looking wardrobe in the key categories that make up my essentials. The four categories are: Outer pieces (not outerwear or coats), tops, pants and shoes. Kinda broad when it’s put written down, especially each has sub categories. Naturally.
For me, I am all about that outer piece, year round...Blazers, leather jackets, vests, varsity jackets. Tops... Graphic tees, Flannels, sweaters and the occasional blouse.
Pants... The ever favorite pixie pant from Old Navy and jeans.
Shoes... Dependent on the season. Boots, booties, sneakers, loafers and flats.
With having this written out in specific categories, I have a pretty simple formula for my style essentials and a silhouette that I know works. Ocassionally, I go out of that and you know what? I think it will work, and it just doesn’t. The simple and ever classic Audrey Hepburn silhouette works on me and I will forever go back tot that. It just works. Add in some killer shoulder pads or a really structured jacket, it’s just perfect for me.
If you ever have moments that you get like this... especially with a new season and new year upon us, I find rearranging your closet does wonders. Currently, mine is color coordinated. But with my formula I think I will be switching it back to my formula category, sans shoes. Like garanimals for adults. In doing this every so often (again, that Gemini in me, I get bored easily) it has your rediscover pieces or create pairings you wouldn’t have thought of before. Plus! It can also help you see the pieces that were well worth the purchase, those you aren’t really loving anymore and gaps in your wardrobe.

Which leads us to my current lust list! Obviously.
A pair of The Pixie pants from Old Navy. They’re seriously the bomb dot com.
A reversible varsity jacket from Coach.
Something from Tommy Hilfiger with just the T&H monogramming.
A new bag...?
The Pixie pant has truly become a staple for me, I dress ‘em up or dress ‘em dow and they’re great for any time of year. Old Navy keeps coming out with new colors and prints and will be sure to keep an eye out for a new pair to add. I currently have 2 of the reversible Coach varsity jackets, and they are an investment but for me? I wear them constantly. The fact that they’re reversible is great because you’re getting two jackets in one, so many options! Typically when I purchase a second one of something I love, I just wear newer one and forget about the older one. Not true for these!! I’m not sure what exactly I want from Tommy Hilfiger, but I know I’ll know when I see it. My boys have names that start with T and H, so only seems right! The last, I’m really not sure about. I feel like I should switch up my bag game... but, I still really love my current one. I got it back in July/ beginning of August and I still love it! Perhaps we’ll put a pin in that one for now.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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