Magic Mirror Style

Welcome to the new site! My, oh my, how far we have come! 
You may have noticed that there has been some updates to the blog as far as the actual website url, the blog look and the coloring. I felt like it was time for the blog to grow and evolve with where it was at, and the direction that I want it to continue to go. Not a major difference by any means, Magic Mirror on the Purple Wall to now Magic Mirror Style. My nod to Queen Grimhilde from Snow White, the OG Disney villain, is still there.. But, it's a little more direct and to the point. It just fits where I am now at, while still being on brand. 
We've come a long way, and still so much further I want to go. Here's to all the exciting new things to come along in the future with the revamped site! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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