My Blazer Collection

A major wardrobe staple for me is a good blazer. I'm a major sucker for them and have been since I was in 7th grade. Perhaps a smidge earlier? There is just nothing else like the feeling of putting on a great blazer. It's this total trans-formative experience for me every single time I put one on, kinda like the animation of Cinderella's dress being made by the Fairy Godmother. Fitted, over-sized, shoulder pads, a print, a color, a neutral; I love them all. They will forever be an item I continue to add into my wardrobe and grow my collection. Some I'm able to rock year round, while others get stored depending on their designated season. And when that season comes back around, it's like visiting with an old friend. I introduce to you, my full blazer collection. Enjoy!

Thrifted, Sag Harbor

Thrifted, Banana Republic

Was my Nana's, Pendleton

George by Walmart

Vintage Dior

Was my Mom's, 

Vince via The Real Real


Thrifted, Brooks Brothers


Thrifted, Pendleton

A New Day via Target

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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