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Well, hello there! And welcome to another segment in The Hair Diaries. Today's post was requested as a follow-up to my skin care update. Considering my vast array of colors over the years, and caring for the lightened/fashion colored hair, I have always been super low maintenance with my hair. Wash, dry, up in a bun or just let it do its thing. That has been my go-to since I was eleven. Loved a fauxhawk with my pixie, and I do like to have it curled... And honestly, that's kind of it. I truly don't put that much effort into my hair. Thankfully my hair usually works with me, or I should say I have learned to work with it better.  It blow dries incredibly smooth, it has a natural wave on its own and holds a curl (without product) extremely well. Obviously with product it works far better. To all the hairstylists out there, forgive me for I have sinned with statement. Anyhow! Here is my hair care routine.

At present I'm only using shampoo, no conditioner. I do really enjoy a curl and find that if I do a conditioner my hair is just too silky smooth to do anything with it. While the straight and sleek look is for some people, I always end up not loving my hair. Love how it feels, not exactly how it looks. So I wash it and throw it up in a towel turban and start the drying process while I finish up my shower and do my make-up. That way when I go to use the hairdryer, it's not a ton of heat going on my actual hair. On day one I keep it straight and pop some oil in once it's dry and usually add some dry shampoo for texture. I'm not terribly loyal to products for my hair and love experimenting to see if something is the next best thing. Currently I'm using Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree- Lavender Mint Nourishing Oil and I love the smell. Plus, that line is made for curls. The dry shampoo I'm loving for texture is Not Your Mother's Beach Babe. A nice pick-me-up of Summer time when it's still chilly out! 

Day One

As far day one, that's pretty much it!

Day Two

The rest of the week is where things get really fun. More often than not, I'm all about the curls once my hair is a little dirty but still fairly clean. I don't get it wet when I shower, either have it in a bun or covered and let the steam bring my natural wave out. I let whatever did get damp air dry while I do my make-up and heat up my curling iron. Once it's dry, I just start doing curls all over. I never really have a plan in place, just go with what my hair is doing that day. I spray Paul Mitchell's Marula Oil Perfecting Hairspray as I'm curling so everything stays put but I can run my fingers through it later. I let it relax a bit and before I walk out of the house I mess it up a bit with a mix of the Defining Gel and Nourishing Oil from Paul Mitchell, then finish with a spritz of hairspray if I need it. The combination of products makes the curls look hydrated, less frizz, keep the style and still be touchable. 

Day Three

I keep that going for days 2, 3 and 4 usually. On day 5 I either bust out a hat or blow-out my hair straight and touch up a few pieces with my mini straightener and add in a top knot. Super low-key, but it works for me! If you are interested in more hair care posts, be sure to let me know! I am in no way shape or form a hair specialist, just a girl who loves beauty products and has learned a thing or two along the way.

Day Four
I popped my hair in a towel while I did my make-up and let my natural wave do its thing with a little help from the defining gel scrunched in. After I tossled it a little, sprayed in some dry shampoo and hairspray. And voila!

Day Five
A whole lot brushing, straightening and dry shampoo are my best friend on the final days! Day five is tricky, sometimes I can manage with minimal dry shampoo.. And others it probably would have been better if I curled it. With my hair, if it's curled and fairly dirty, it doesn't look it. Plus I like it better on me. All around a win! If it is more oily, I pop it up and love my hair up, too. Again, and all around win!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah x


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