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Hello, hello! The title may be a little aggressive for 8am in the morning... But what can I say? Nothing gets me pumped up like a Motley Crue song in the morning. Surely I can't be the only Cruehead out there that's ready to rock that early. 'Cause you know what they say, Crueheads are the best...
Anyway, good morning! I have a feeling today is going to be a rather chatty one, so get ready.
You ready? Okay, good. Let's get on with the show!

Beanie: Carhartt |
Sunnies: Blenders Eyewear |
Jacket: Levi's |
Tee: The Lost Bro's |
Skirt: Top Shop |
Tights: Forever 21 |
Boots: TJMaxx | 
This past year has been a major learning curve for me. I feel like I keep saying that... so if it's getting totally redundant I apologize. Naturally every day we learn something, or a lot of things. The old adage of 'you learn something new every day' exists for a reason. This goes way beyond that. I have started to truly find my own way and hell, I already thought I was doing that. I suppose I was. It was getting the ball rolling in that direction. This seems to be a topic that I come back to on this lovely little journey we call life, this post and this one are prime examples. It will I'm sure continue to be one because we all grow and evolve.
One name or title I have had a tricky time with is 'boss'. It has become a running joke where I work and they all know that title makes me cringe. I don't see it that way, I'm just me and just do my thing. But as I'm starting to gather, that title does creep in, and it has for a long time. I'm just fully accepting it.
Now for a little story time. When I was little... Side note, I have no recollection of this happening, only being told it by my Mom over the years. As I was saying, when I was little my Mom and I would be out and about, and people would make comments about how cute I was. Objectively speaking, I was. Fair skin, chubby cheeks, pouty lips and these huge eyes that were taking everything in around me; what's not to love? I would matter of factly correct them and say I was adorable, not cute.

Over the years, I have had different feelings about that story. Part of it has always made me laugh because clearly I have always been that way, and part of it makes me cringe. That initial part of my reaction is what I'm starting to lean towards versus the latter. That little girl knew what she wanted, knew what she was and wasn't afraid to let the world know. My delivery has always been honest and direct, just who I am. I'm a straight shooter and you always know where you stand.
I have started to learn that those traits and that overall.. vibe, if you will, has always been there. It's just something that oozes out of me and I don't know what it is specifically that comes across. Apparently it's evident to those I meet almost instantly. I can come across as intimidating and that used to worry or concern me. But now, it doesn't. I have spent so much of my life admiring strong fictional characters like Jo March or Miranda Priestly, real ones like my Aunt Cindy or Joan Jett, or listen to songs like Looks That Kill and be all fired up like yeah, I want to be that kinda girl! The thing I didn't realize was, I already was that kinda girl. I looked up to these powerhouses, admired them and wanted to emulate them while also being concerned I was too much. Too intimidating, too strong, too bitchy, too harsh. 
Up until recently I cringed, I denied and shook my head at the term 'boss;. I have started to accept it, because I am. I'm a boss babe with the looks that kill. The reason I have done and where I am at today is because of that, and I'm so happy about that.

Have an absolutely stellar day and be your own kind of boss.
Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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