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Why yes, we are in February and I am in fact thinking about Spring. My brain runs very similarly to retail. Not sure if it's a chicken before the egg kinda deal, or if it's because I see it therefore I want it. A few weeks ago I was shopping and saw the Valentine's Day decor out, and the next aisle had Spring and Easter. All the pastels, chicks, lambs and bunnies everywhere! And I've gotta say, I'm not mad about it. One of my favorite seasons has always been Spring. Could it be because I'm technically a late Spring baby? I'm not quite sure. The thing with New England is it's very short lived, but the time we do have it for? I cherish every second of it.
Seasonal depression is something that I have dealt with since my late teen years. Thankfully not the entire Winter season, just later on this month and most certainly in March until the days get longer and brighter. I know I am not alone on this, which is a comforting thought. When you're in the middle of that 'ick', it's nice to remember that there are many other people out there feeling something incredibly similar. This is the first year in a few years that I have decided to not do the medication route. I am in such a good place mentally and physically that I want to see where I'm at and go from there. 
So yes, it's not Spring. Not even close, especially in New England. Buuuut it is amazing what tricking the brain can do. With all of the Spring home decor being out, same goes for clothing! While it is a little tricky to wear the lighter fabrics right now, the sweaters being released in happy Spring colors is doing wonders for me. Last spring with its cold, chilly, gray rainy days I pretended it was October. I absolutely love the Fall and October, it made a big difference. It's a little childish and stupid, but then again, so is high school. I get it sounds silly. But rainy and cozy days in October? That's something you expect and it makes for a great movie day. In the Spring? Not so much. You're hoping for sunshine and daffodils, especially after Winter and snow. So, until we got the sunshine and daffodils, I got a second October and loved it. We've had a handful of oddly warm days in the forties scattered throughout the last few months.. And that coupled with the pastel filled retail displays, I'm mentally starting my happy Spring mindset early. Whatever works, right? It's making me incredibly happy, and that's all that really matters. If you join me, enjoy your extended Spring season!

Sunnies: Carfia, gifted |
Jacket: TJMaxx |
Sweater: Walmart |
Pants: Old Navy |
Sneakers: Fila via Famous Footwear |

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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