Once a Disney kid...

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a Disney kid. I mean, one doesn't get Cinderella's castle tattooed on the back of their neck if they aren't into Disney. But for a hot second there I was having a weird relationship with my love of Disney. It became a major factor in my life to say the least for a chunk of time... And then, it was this weird limbo. 
Growing up Disney movies were an escape. Dealing with health issues at such a young age, it became one major way I could just go into a story for some time and get lost in the fairy tale. A big part of why I've always loved to read. And then I went to the parks for the first time as an adult, and that feeling came back. There is truly nothing like seeing the castle when you turn down Main Street and bam there it is. It just hits you and you're in this other world. Everything else outside doesn't exist and you can just be. That's a hard thing to hold onto sometimes day to day, you know? And I've realized those little Disney details I find in my closet and in my home, they bring that feeling back.
So. Needless to say when a friend of mine gave me the inside scoop about the launch of items at Coach at the outlets, I was beyond thrilled. The graphics were the same as the ones that launched last March and I love the mix of Thumper, 101 Dalmatians and Dumbo. Such sweet characters, and the items in the line? So happy for Spring. I got the fun Thumper tote last March, and wanted to add more to my collection! Being a lover of anything elephant, I had to add this beautiful Dumbo bag. Remember last month I said that I felt like I was in need of a new bag? I had a few things I knew I was looking for, but couldn't find anything that was perfect. Until this. The neutral tones, the size, the top handle and long strap, organization and DUMBO. My most favorite bag in my collection, now. 
And the 101 Dalmatians sweatshirt? I fell right in love. As a kid, I loved the movie. But was deathly afraid of Cruella De Vil for years. Actually, probably a lot longer than one should care to admit... But alas, now you know. But I digress! In preschool, I had this little dress that I wore all the time. Clearly my obsession with certain items of clothing and wearing them non-stop started early. I was a major tomboy, believe it or not, and hated dresses. But this one had a graphic tee vibe up top with a plaid skirt on the bottom part. I still love all of those factors. And seeing this sweatshirt? It brought back that feeling of one of my favorite items as a kid. Plus, it's soooo cozy and warm! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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