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Ever since I was a kid, decorating and home decor has always been something I've loved. Growing up we would watch Trading Spaces as a family, or I would watch Ask This Old House or Norm's show with my Dad. Go shopping with my Mom at HomeGoods... Total sidenote, the new carpet smell used to give me headaches almost instantly going in there as a kid. Which I'm sure thrilled my Mom because I'd complain rather quickly. Was kinda sad for me because I wanted to look at the stuff in there, but it was miserable. Thankfully grew out of that. And Mom, I'm so sorry I always made you leave when you I'm sure you just wanted to browse. Alright. Back on track! I love a good home makeover project. I love the collecting of items to decorate, making a vision board that matches what you have in your head, executing the work and getting to put the finishing touches on the final result. 

My house was a foreclosure which means there was a lot of work that needed to be done, and it's getting close to being completed! Which is really exciting. I genuinely love home decor so much. The whole process, and really enjoy my visits to Lowe's. Who is this chick? If you told me that as a kid, or that I would walk around HomeGoods without getting a headache I would have said you're crazy. It's funny how things change when you become an adult. Which the fact I'm classified as an adult always surprises me. There is one room that is in the process of being finalized (that will be coming soon!), but the one project that has been in the back of my mind for the last few years has been the stairway leading to the cellar. I mean, it's leading to the cellar. It's dim and a little creepy. But, why does it have to be?

I'm a big believer in if you don't like it then fix it. I don't overly enjoy cooking, so I made my kitchen a glam-rock kitchen.. because why not? Make it fun and pretty, and you may like it more. I may not spend a ton of time in the cellar stairway itself, but anytime I need to go down there or grab something I may as well really love what I'm looking at. It's the little things, you know? 

I am proud to say I did the majority of this project by myself! A big thank you to my Dad for doing the ceiling. That absolutely terrified me, wasn't really like the high prospect of me falling down cellar stairs. Little backstory! So my Dad scored this five gallon container of what I thought was brown paint, so I made a decision to use it for this project and made a vision board for the space to coincide with that. Had it all planned in my head, ready to go. Then I realized the five gallons were stain not paint.. Well, okay. But I had already fallen for this rich semi-sweet chocolate shade with crisp white trim and black and white accents. So, I stuck with it. I ran up to Lowe's bright eyed and bushy tailed looking at swatches, then meandered over to the clearance part of the paint department. If you don't ever check that out there, or anywhere in the store, I highly recommend. I can't tell you how many deals I have scored from there. I found a brown paint I liked, then I saw this gallon of paint in Jumping Java for $9. Originally $44.98... uhm, JACKPOT. So naturally I snagged that, and did a victory lap through the store and scored a can of spray paint and a new light fixture for the grand total of $21.96. That's right ladies and gents. Under $22 for those three items! Don't you just love a good clearance find? 

When I got home I cleared everything out and cleaned everything and got to work! It went fairly quickly and I am so pleased with the results! Definitely a bold color choice, but I'm totally digging it with the light green pops of color and black and white art on the walls. It's such a nice sight to see when I open the door now versus going "ugh". It's all the small things that make a difference day to day.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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