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2007, 8th grade graduation

In like a lion, out like a lamb... Happy March! And speaking of a lion and its mane... Today we are taking a walk down memory lane with my hair evolution. Throughout the existence of this blog, there has been some changes with my hair. And before then there were most certainly a lot of changes! It's funny to think about. Considering my hair is the one feature I have changed a lot since I was fourteen, it somehow seems to be a signature. Whether it was my long hair almost touching my butt, a goal I made for myself with a pixie cut in second grade and you better believe I stuck with it. To having a pixie cut with various bright colors... My hair has always somehow been the thing people identify me with.
With me growing my hair out and it being my natural color, this has been a major conversation. I work at an incredible salon and spa and have for the last 8 years. When I first started, I had a cute little pixie cut with zero color. Actually, had never colored it prior to working there. Everyone that knew me beforehand knew me as that. Brown hair in various lengths. Super long and worn only in a messy bun, a bob or a pixie cut. That was pretty much it. Then, a little under a year of me working at the salon I did my first color. Peek-a-boo highlights in peacock tones, then that went to various shades of purple, to a bold red, my signature shade of teal, a fierce emerald green, to shocking (for me) blonde, a rose gold for a hot second, back to teal and that brings us back to the beginning of the circle. My natural. 
For those that knew me back in high school, the bold colors with my pixie cut was a major surprise. And then for those that knew me only from work they were incredibly surprised with my hair being longer and a 'normal' color. It makes you think a little bit more about perception and different people's views. Something for me that is so incredibly normal and feels so right is totally bizarre to someone else. Which. how funny is it that blue and green were the norm for me, and the natural brunette is mind-blowing? Not going to lie, it's pretty awesome that my natural color is getting more of a crazy reaction than any crayon color I thought up.
Please enjoy the journey with me of where I've been with my hair, and Lord only knows what the future has in store for me... But it's fun to just be open and see, because never say never.

2010, Teddy's first birthday. Can you even?

2011, garden at the Rodin Museum in Paris (I know.)

2012, Peek-a-boo peacock highlights



2013, my 20th birthday

2013, Princess Fairy Purple #KellyOsbourne


Went teal in 2014, the longest color I kept. This is from 2017


Easter 2018

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Winter 2019

Spring 2019

Summer 2019

Summer 2019

Now, Winter 2020

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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