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Neutrals. A category of colors that I haven't explored too much. A great black? For sure. Chocolate or a tobacco brown? Of course. But whites, ivories and beige? Not too much. 
Over the past few years I have watched a lot of In the Frow, Lydia Millen, Hello October and I Covet Thee on YouTube as well as Instagram and somehow the love of neutrals has seeped in. I think I always thought I couldn't pull them off because I'm so fair, or that they would really wash me out and look awful. But some of those Brits also have fair skin and they manage to look incredibly chic and not washed out. So maybe I could, too.

I think it all started with my Aerosmith blazer, aka my brown plaid blazer from Target. I fell right in love with it and remember pondering whether to get it or not because it isn't my usual go-to color. But, I'm so glad I did because I wear it so frequently. It also fueled this love of playing around and layering neutrals. If you layer a lot of bold colors, it can be a little much. Either a chic color-blocking look, or it looks like a box of crayons threw up everywhere. Not exactly ideal, I mean, unless that's your vibe. And if it is, more power to you! 

Layering neutrals is so incredibly easy, and so much fun. Fun and neutrals don't typically go together, which is a little sad because they should. It's like mixing your metals with jewelry. You can throw on white, tan, black and brown and somehow it all works! And with my natural hair color being back, it makes for such a chic and classic look, and I absolutely love that.
While catching up on the latest issues of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, can you even with the bright Spring covers? And how fabulous are Kylie and Billie? Anyhow! I saw quite a few of my favorite design houses also sharing the love for neutrals. 

Sunnies: Carfia, gifted |
Long sleeved top: TJMaxx |
Dress: Hippie Rose via TJMaxx |
Belt: Moschino |
Boots: Franco Sarto via Famous Footwear |

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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