Favorites, Feelings and Thoughts

Yowza. As I'm writing this, I am on day... six of being off. Totally and completely bizarre time we are in, huh? I haven't really fully talked about all of this jazz. And honestly, I don't know that I am going to. We all handle and cope with things in different ways. I tend to handle things internally and with a dark sense of humor, all while remaining positive. Seems like quite the combination I know, but what can I say? I'm quite the gal.
Each and every day I have been focusing on the silver linings in life, because no matter what's happening there is always something. With this time off I have had a lot of time to get those pesky tasks that I don't always have time for during the work week or typical weekends, like thoroughly washing my bathroom floor or doing a major closet reorganization and declutter. I've had time to read a few books, snuggle with my boys, start each morning with a sunrise, an ice cream treat, work through my Netflix queue and create content for the blog. Also, thoroughly appreciating Poison on Spotify; so peppy.

Well, now that we've gotten the feelings and thoughts portion out of the way for today.. I do believe it is time for my current favorites!
With being in a new season and promise of warmer weather I like to switch up what I wear scent wise. My current go-to is Bath and Body's Bon Fire and Tennessee Whiskey distillery cologne, it's a fall time vibe with pops of sandalwood and vanilla. It's like a fresh Fall day which is probably similar to a New England Spring day, let's be real. 

And there are a few other favorites as a part of my beauty/skincare routine! Like I talked about during my skin update in January, my skin has become incredibly dry. I started making my skin care a major part of my day to day routine. Finally started to get it back on track and did probably one of the most foolish things I've done in a while. I went back to all of my favorites. The thing is, I was treating my skin like it was still the combination skin type it has always been. But here's the thing, it isn't anymore. It's more dry. It's like if you have a fluctuation in your weight and you dress for how your body was, not how it is. Of course it isn't going to work.
So after talking to my best friend about it during her visit (the Sneezy to my Sleepy for those in the know), we came to a conclusion. My skin is dry, sensitive and still breakout prone; but I also have these delightful red patches. Kerstin asked if I had ever tried anything for eczema and wondered if that may help, and goodness gracious she was right! Shortly after her visit I invested in a few things. A gentle cleanser from Laroche Posay, a cleanser brush, Aveeno's eczema cream and Roc retinol deep wrinkle filler. The cleanser and brush combo has made a big difference in the texture of my skin as well as taking away of any dry patches. Then! The cream is taking care of any redness I have been dealing with away, it's pretty incredible. I don't know if I actually have it, but it is neutralizing which is incredible. The retinol filler is something everyone should have in their routine. I tend to furrow my brow a lot, and while I don't get the "elevens" I just have one line on the right side. This stuff has gotten rid of it, and has helped fade breakout marks and smooths the texture of my skin. Can't live without these!

The miscellaneous picks for this month? Absolutely loving my leopard print crop tops and re-watching White Collar. I believe that's all for now! Have a fantastic day and remember to focus on the silver linings.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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