The Gemini Way

Over the course of this blog being in existence, I have most definitely mentioned being a Gemini and how that it is clearly apparent in my style choices. You may or may not believe in zodiacs, which is cool. You do you, boo. And while I don't live my life by them, I do enjoy reading them and identify as a Gemini.
The twins, not so kindly usually described as two faced or crazy. While there are some in every zodiac sign that will give them a bad name, it doesn't mean we all are. Have I met some pretty intense ones that fit in that? Of course I have. On the flip-side you could make the argument that there are two-faced people that are in any zodiac sign. And this paragraph is already starting to prove my point without me even trying, that came together nicely. Whenever I tell someone that I'm a Gemini, I more often than not get the look of "beware" which is kinda lame. But it happens. 
I like to describe Geminis as being a yin and yang, opposed to the scales of a Libra. Libras tend to need balance, whereas the Gemini does.. just in a different way. Libra is more 50/50 whereas a Gemini is more 70/30; or better yet, 90/10. Very much an all or nothing kind of deal. A Libra, like the Gemini in this way (or perhaps it's just me), can see both sides to almost any argument. I'm grateful for that trait, but it's also a major pain in the butt. When you need to actually defend one side, but you see more merit in the other after you get going. How many pro/con papers did I half write, then have to start over in school? Quite a few.
Okay, getting back on track! My Gemini nature has extended itself into my wardrobe as well as in my home styling.

Over the last couple of months, I have seen my love of neutrals skyrocket. I don't know if it's a getting older and maturing kinda thing, or if it's just all the UK bloggers I follow.. But I'm really into them. And with now embracing my brunette locks, I'm really enjoying them. It's this classic minimalism vibe that I'm really into. And that only got fueled more after I watched My Week with Marilyn on Netflix. A movie that has been on my to watch list for years. It had been just sitting on my Netflix queue for a while, and with the downtime we have at present it seemed like the perfect time! It was a little slow going for me, but I did end up really enjoying it. Which then just started to fuel my pinning of 50s style between Audrey and Marilyn. Audrey has always been my go-to. My sister was always a Marilyn fan, so I know a lot about her through association. It is a little funny since my body type and facial structure has always been more Marilyn than Audrey, and vice-versa for my sister. While these two women couldn't be more different types of icons (see the Gemini taste comes out again), there are a lot of similarities. The silhouettes themselves along with the color palettes; the classic simplicity and letting your body enhance it. Plus, they both knew how to rock a head scarf and sunnies.
I took a lot of inspiration from that in my high school years; the style, color palette and silhouette. I started to really discover Audrey in middle school and the love just took off from there. I've always had a love for the vintage vibe, and so many other icons like Bettie Page and Jackie O were added to that list. Bombshells and the classy leading ladies, always that mix for me. Then of course the modern babes that did their nod to the classics, Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry being high on that list. 
So, all of that is well and good... We do love a good neutral... But, then there's this other side.

Hat: Wild Fable via Target |
Sunnies: Carfia via Amazon |
Blouse: Polo Ralph Lauren |
Top: TJMaxx |
Jeans: American Eagle |
Heels: Michael Kors

And that flip-side is everything that is the extra, over the top, maximalism of the 1980s. Bright neons, bold prints and anything that is this side of obnoxious. I just absolutely freaking love it. The 1980s is probably my favorite decade, always has been. Pop culture, movies, music and style (clothing and home) I have always loved. I can't even put my finger on what it is, but it makes everything inside me so incredibly happy. Sure, there are things that shouldn't be brought back, but I am fully on board for the oversized blazers with shoulder pads and distressed light wash denim. I've always loved John Hughes' movies in my middle school years, but I think the love really started to expand during my freshman year. Especially seeing Pretty in Pink for the first time. Molly Ringwald was the Queen of the Brat Pack, and I don't think anyone can really disagree there. Sure, Demi Moore and Ally Sheedy are both amazing; but we all know it was Molly.
All of Molly Ringwald's projects with John Hughes had different styles that fit into the time perfectly. They were each a different girl that she played perfectly. Samantha Baker was that half-way point in between Claire and Andi. Claire was this sophisticated high school girl a la Ralph Lauren. Sidenote, would love to have those boots she wears.. and the leather jacket. Then Samantha, while her style is sweet it wasn't ever my jam. But Andi? She went for it. The opening scene of her putting on the lace socks over the tights and putting her earrings on.. It just spoke to me. Every outfit she wore was a little bit different, but they all worked. In a way I think I've always subconsciously strived for my style to be like that. When you look at a course of images to see the differences, but also see the cohesive feel. The other thing I love about all three of those movies (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink for those who have zero clue what I'm referencing) is that they featured quintessential 80s looks that were attainable.
Recently I felt inspired to do a closet rejig, instead of 4 separate wardrobes with only 1 in my closet at a time I put everything in.. And separated by seasons. Although living in New England there's only 3 true categories. As I was putting everything up, I really saw the color palette in a new light. Like with my home style, I love neutrals with pops of very vibrant colors. With styling, I find that I really like the concept of being all one way or the other.. But I find it like being in a box with not a lot of options. Some days you want to be in neutrals with a pop of an obnoxious neon; or sometimes it's all or nothing. The Gemini way.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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