June Bug

You know, aging is an interesting thing.

2013, age 20
As my birthday approaches and twenty-seven is in sight, I've had some time to reflect and look back at some pictures from my past adult birthdays; gotta say, quite an adventure. In my teen years I didn't really experiment with my look too much. Adjusted my hair length? Sure. Played with every nail polish shade known to man? Of course. But aside from that, not really. I have always loved makeup and clothing, but I stuck to what I liked and not too many trends. I've always been a fan classic with a twist; and while that statement is still true, I'm not scared to play or try something. I can honestly say my twenties have most definitely been filled with experimenting and playing. I think I will always try something different out, but I've realized I have started to find my stride and what works for me.. and what doesn't. I have found the hair and makeup looks that best suit me and my features, and have me feel my most confident self. Which honestly, is pretty darn cool. Same goes for clothing. It's incredible to look back at where I once was and where I am now, the evolution if you will. Thankfully I don't cringe at any of them, I look back and see parts of me that are still true to today, and other parts maybe not so much.. But a girl who went for it, and that remains completely true.

2011, age 18

2012, age 19

2014, age 21

2015, age 22

While so many things did change in my style, the classic with a twist never left. Audrey Hepburn meets 80s rocker, that's my vibe. I like to walk the line with both, because why not have the best of both worlds? And yeah, to me that is the best of both. Classic, sweet and tongue in cheek. I've really started to hone in on a color palette that I really enjoy (that gets a little punched up depending on the season), silhouettes and materials that work and my go-to accessories that act as my Wonder Woman cuffs. Leather, plaid, tweed and hounds tooth will always be my go-to's; a little bit classic and a little bit rock n roll. My love affair with jewelry is ever changing, sometimes I'm all about a watch and an arm party, layering earrings or tons of necklaces. But the one that has always been my love? All kinds of rings. I love the rock n roll feel that a ton stacked up gives, The Great Frog's Instagram is major inspo for me. If it's good enough for Lemmy and Nikki, it's good enough for me.
Beauty wise, I've learned a lot the past few months. Turns out I don't like a full-matte coverage foundation. Once upon a time I did, but then my skin was completely different. Where it's at now, I love a very sheer BB cream to even out the redness and concealer on days when I need it. Pretty incredible compared to what I once loved. I also love a neutral eye shadow palette opposed to bright colors. I love the idea of it, I love seeing what people create with said palette and LOVE applying them on other people.. But me? It just never quite works. With my coloring, it always ends up looking too dark and dragging my face and skin down. I like a neutral smoky eye on the terracotta side of things with a bit of navy eyeliner smudged at the top or a wing; sometimes nothing. Same with my lip color, I love a statement lip, but they're not my go-to like they once were. With my hair I'm really enjoying being a brunette with grungy-loose waves; was my go-to in high school, and I always loved it. Straight and super curly are okay, they just aren't me

2016, age 23

2017,  age 24

2018, age 25

2019, age 26

It's fun to switch it up, try out new things and see what really works for you. Because you'll never know unless you try it out. I'm excited to see what twenty-seven brings, because twenty-six was pretty powerful. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your June!

Leah xx


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