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Going back to my roots. 
Does anyone else notice where some of their newfound style inspiration comes from? It's quite possible I'm the only one that thinks about it in depth. Lord knows I analyze a lot of things. I enjoy thinking; plus it's pretty darn cool to see where inspiration comes from. Certain styles and trends stick in my head, whether they are historical figures that I admired in school, movies from my childhood, or a campaign from a house of fashion. Today we are going back to Anne Boleyn, Snow White from Shrek and the Dolce and Gabanna FW2013 campaign. An interesting mix for sure, but all three of these things have a lot more in common than one may think.

You can just hear Immigrant Song, Snow White

Dolce and Gabbana FW2013

Dolce and Gabbana FW2013

I recently went a little darker with my hair and I've gotta say, I'm digging it. I've been in the process for over a year of growing out my hair and trying to give it a break from heat tools during the warmer months. Not too long now until the mornings will be far too muggy for any hair dryer or iron, so I got a head start (a-ha, oh the unintentional puns) on styling ideas. Which then leads me to where we're at today! 
Quite an array of inspiration! My interests tend to be wide, but then they melt together and form one cohesive inspiration for my style. Whenever you switch up your hair color, it's fun to play and experiment with your beauty routine. All three of these inspirations I've always loved, and I was watching The Other Boleyn Girl again after I finished up The Tudors (again) and started to fall back in love with the costumes. Actually, you can usually tell what I've been watching or listening to based on my outfit. Funny how that works! It all started with a low slicked back bun and throwing on statement earrings and it all took off from there! I immediately was brought back to campaigns Dolce and Gabanna have done in recent years, specicially the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign, that I fell in love with. The styling, the make-up, the nod to the renaissance, the works of art.. all of it. For a lover of history, specifically the Tudor time period it always brought me a lot of joy. So why not add it to everyday?
So naturally a big thing on my styling lust list is more headbands a la Cher Horowitz meets Anne Boleyn and velvet scrunchies, because you can do velvet for Summer (just in space doses). And the big ear rings? I have a big ol stash hidden from when I wore them non-stop! Everything that once was old comes back again.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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