Wish & Styling Lust List | July 2020

If you saw my style inspiration post at the end of last month, none of these items will surprise you! Essentially my love of gothic meets baroque meets tudors style is manifesting itself fully in my shopping choices. Absolutely loving the upcoming collections from Dolce and Gabbana, Chanel and Alexander McQueen which will come as no surprise to anyone. It's the style I've always loved and wasn't.. ready for it yet. However, I most certainly am now and I can't get enough! These collections are strong and powerful and chic as hell; classic while having an edge. I love everything about that! Plus, that color palette? I'm here for it. And I must give an honorable mention to the video released from Dior. Incorporating mermaids into the video about their beautiful party dresses? Yes. I'm here for it.  

These beauties are from Amazon

And these are from Etsy!

Can we just talk about these ear rings for a moment? I'm sure some of you may look at them and think that they're tacky as hell and that's totally cool. I personally think they're beyond fantastic. I do have a heavier metal style cross ear ring that is simple. Love them, but these ornate gold style ones? Yes, please. I don't see me owning a pair of the ones from Dolce and Gabbana, but these ones from Etsy and Amazon would definitely do the trick!

Square neck lines. This is my dream dress from Alice and Olivia, I love the color combination, the style, the pattern, everything. However the price tag isn't exactly my dream price. I have been on the hunt everywhere for this cut and style in tops and dresses. Having a bit of a hard time finding them in stores around me or online, until I went on Missguided. They have a bunch. Definitely see an order coming from there very soon in my future!

We know very well a major wardrobe staple for me is a band tee. I think it will be something that I always collect and add to over the years. Especially if I go to a show, it's like getting a post card or a magnet when you're on vacation. I also love getting band tees from my favorites, especially ones I will never see at a show. In the last few years my love of 70's rock has most definitely grown and in that time I've gotten really into Zeppelin. And naturally, the love of Zeppelin and the hunt for the perfect tee will always remind me of Hyde. Just going to clarify, not Danny Masterson. That part in That 70's Show will always get me, one of the sweetest things. The tee has to be the right fit, thickness and graphic.. Still on the hunt!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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