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Ooh baby, it's monthly favorites time!

Two major staples for me as of late! My go-to scent, the yellow diamond Kourtney fragrance from KKW and 'Take the Reigns' polish from Sally Hansen. Right before my birthday I got the nude lips scent from the Kylie collab as well as this one. I was expecting to love the Kylie one for Summer, but I've gotta say I have been wearing this non-stop! They're intense at first, but they settle in nicely. The notes for this are: opening with golden currant berries, the heart is yellow jasmine, yellowbird magnolia, yellow flag iris, then finishing with white patchouli, soft musk and whipped vanilla. Truth be told incredibly fitting for me as a Summer scent. Has the deeper sweet level that I love but something more floral for the warmer weather. Plus, can we just appreciate the bottle? No it can't stand up, but being that gorgeous, does it need to?
The more surprising favorite in this picture is most certainly the nail shade. I have never been shy when it comes to nail color choices, I will play with just about anything under the sun. But the last few months I have become obsessed with an opaque neutral nail color. For those that know me really well will be shocked, and even more surprised for me to say on my toes, too! I haven't worn Lincoln Park After Dark on my toes since March. Which is kinda crazy because that's been my staple since I've been 15. There is just something about a neutral nail I'm all about right now. My favorite is Did You Ear About Van Gogh from OPI, but mine is sadly almost gone and needed to find a replacement. 'Take the Reigns' from Sally Hansen is almost identical and the name is fantastic. 

No matter my hair color, aside from recently when it was my natural, I'm an Overtone girl. If you have a fashion color, check them out! You will not regret it. Well, recently they expanded their range and added natural colors. With me going darker I was so excited and try out the Espresso Brown kit. Just like the rest, it's absolutely perfect! I missed the way my hair felt using them and love the sweet mint scent!

Skin Care.

These two products have made a HUGE difference in my skin! The first being coconut oil. I mean, this was everyone's holy grail product for a long time, and with good reason. But the past two months I discovered a new way to use it that has blown my mind. A suggested video for me was this tutorial from The Golden RX on YouTube. Oil cleansing. I had no clue what that meant, but the cover of the video had me incredibly intrigued and wanted to see if it would work as well as she said. For the last 7 months I've had an issue with the texture of my skin off and on. A cleansing brush would help a bit, but not completely. This trick solved it completely and I was amazed. Essentially you massage the oil on to your face (morning or night) and take your time. As you massage it, you feel things on your fingertips and it's what was stuck in your skin! I've never had anything work this will and the logic behind it makes total sense. Oil attracts oil, whereas oil and water don't mix. So I start my skincare routine with this, take a washcloth to take it off then proceed with a cleanser. My skin has never been this smooth before, highly recommend! 
This second product I was completely influenced to purchase by Victoria from In The Frow. She's one of my favorite bloggers/YouTubers from the UK. Like me, she's naturally fair and loves to have a glow. And seeing as I've been trying to have that this Summer, I was very interested in this! I always have SPF on my face, so I don't get a whole lot of color there. Which definitely looked odd with the rest of my body having self-tanner. Anyway! She talked about this, how it has skin care benefits and how it works for her and immediately ordered it. I'm SO glad I did, my skin had a rough bout for a moment there when I stopped my tanning routine for a few days to start fresh. Without make-up my skin was tired and looked incredibly uneven. Adding this back in and bam, the added color made my skin glow again. I see this always being in my skincare routine year round. It adds just enough color to even my skin out, has benefits and can be used alone or with a moisturizer. 

Are the 90's back? With the thick velvet headband/scrunchie combo you definitely would think so! I must say I'm absolutely in love with them. That goes without saying I'm sure because you a) have seen them in numerous posts and b) they're in a monthly favorites post! They elevate any outfit and I'm digging the whole vibe the combo gives off. I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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