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This time of year always seems to represent a lot of new. I would argue that for me, it represents more new than January does. For the fashion industry September is when everything new begins and same with the school year. Fashion houses releasing new designs, stores putting out back to school supplies and home decor shops putting out their Autumn decor. It's fresh, happy, new and cozy in one fell swoop! Nothing tops that for me. Which naturally leads me to shopping more this time of year than anything else. Yes, we're still in August and in no way am I rushing the warmer part of the year. I personally have Fall decor and scents surrounding me everyday, they bring me immense joy. It just happens to be the time of year my favorite items come out for sale. For some they're seasonal, for me they're the norm. Tim Burton has a quote, "For some of us, Halloween is everyday". 
I relate to that big time.

Absolute favorite candle, Bath and Body Works

Doormat, JoAnn's

Hanky approved! Jug and mugs, JoAnn's

Growing up leading up to September and prepping for the new school year was always one of my favorites. Getting so excited to use my new planner and wear my new sneakers, clearly not much has changed. And maybe that's part.. Okay, probably all of the logic behind this time of year being my big shopping trips. Back to school shopping of course included the school supplies, but for us it also included a new pair of shoes; typically sneakers. That was always a big thing for my Dad, and they always had to past the 'shoe test'. Having you lift your big toe up while wearing the shoe and seeing where they fit. Not too tight, not too loose; just right. Anyone else experience that year after year?
When it comes to styling looks, shoes are the trickiest part for me. Which is fascinating because once upon a time I prided myself on owning a hundred pair of shoes. Now, I am far more minimal and wear the shoes I have to death. And it's cool to see where my journey with shoes used to be and where it is now. From ballet flats in every possible shade, to heels in a variety of heights, a large selection of sneakers and now, a mix of loafers and sneakers.

Loafers, Walmart

Vans, Famous Footwear
Two of my favorite pairs from the last few years have seen better days, and how truly sad that is. They will stay in the rotation for yard work/house projects, but not really ideal for day to day. The silver lining? New shoes! A shoe update is always a fun thing. I have added two pairs in the last four months, my leopard loafers from Walmart (what a find) and my Nike Cortez sneakers, but with getting dressed and styling up looks I was starting to notice where there were gaps and what I needed to add.

If we have learned anything from Cinderella it's that a new pair of shoes can change your life.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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