Put it in Neutral | Favorites and Lust List

It's time for a chatty lil post of what I've been loving and what I'm lusting after!
Over the past few years my love of a neutral has grown a lot. Actually, if we're being honest my love of a neutral started at sixteen with Teddy then grew when I got Hank. Not sure if it's tied in with maturing as an adult or just evolving over time.. But I'm living for a neutral. My go-to colors these days are white, gray, camel and black. If I'm able to mix them all in one go? Goodness, I'm in heaven. I always went for a classic pattern in these colors, but tended to amp them up with a bright color. While those bold colors are still beautiful.. I'm not drawn there. A jewel tone or a muted version of a color is where I'm going to. It has been inching its way that way in my twenties, especially with my phase of wearing strictly black for a year or two.. but now, it's almost weird if I wear a bold color. Doesn't feel like me. The really cool thing with neutrals is that you can layer them, and like mixing metals in jewelry, it's all kinda cohesive while staying unique. 

One neutral color that has been trickier for me to style is navy. I love styling it in my house because like gray, it can be either classic or completely modern. I love when a color is dynamic because you've got options with it. It has been a styling challenge I've given myself and it's honestly been really cool to play with. I ordered this amazing faux leather skirt from Amazon in 4 different colors, navy being one of them. The wild card purchase, and I have found myself going to that one over the others! I feel like navy has always been in this 'box' if you will. Most of the items I've ever purchased in that color had other colors with it which felt like it limited the options. But in reality it doesn't. Let the navy games begin!
I have a few items I am definitely lusting after, but not too many surprisingly!
The first being a camel coat, loving this one from Missguided... the fit and the color, LOVE.

The Teddy trend is still around, especially with Marc Jacobs' latest tote. I mean, I would be lying if I said the interest has nothing to do with my Spaghetti boy.. This beautiful color is on FarFetch, and other colors are available on Marc Jacobs. Fingers crossed a smaller size comes out! Love the style, but love a smaller bag as of late.

And while we're on the topic of snuggly and cozy, has anyone else been obsessed with the new slippers from Ugg? I've never been a huge Ugg girl, definitely had some imitation ones back in the day.. But the slippers look like the best thing, but out of my price point. These beauties however are from Amazon!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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