The Off White Knit

We all have those key items in our wardrobe that are our staples. They comfort us while also giving us a boost; and before you know it you have multiples in your closet. For me, it's the chunky off white knit. There are very different ways that this item can be done (am I defending the multiples? Perhaps). There's off white, cream, a little more beige, or a warm white. And then you have different materials, cotton, acrylic, wool.. the list goes on and on. One of my favorite items to pull out each fall is my Fisherman sweater from LLBean. Ever since I watched Gilmore Girls I fell in love with a sweater Rory wore in season 1. Yeah, it's safe to say clothing definitely sticks in my mind. It was this classic autumn look, a chunky oversized fisherman knit with a leather backpack, a total 90s vibe and I am hella into it. And ever since then I a) wanted to have one in my wardrobe and b) style it as many ways as I can possibly think. 

Well, this year I've added a few more into my wardrobe. For a few "solid" reasons. If you ever need someone to justify a purchase, practical or not, I'm your girl. The first being I love the look can be classic and preppy or you can grunge it up. The second being I always LOVE my outfit when that style of sweater is a part of it. And the last being I'm using a bleach disinfectant cleaner at work and I'm very concerned about ruining my clothes. At present, I have thrifted two more knits in the white/off-white family. One is oversized, very Rory, and the other is a more fitted v-neck style, think Jerry Lewis in Cinderfella. Major points if you get that reference! And I tried to tell myself that I did NOT need to add any more. And surprisingly enough I haven't gone back on that... Yet. 

Last week I was at Target just checking out their Halloween/Fall decor, mine was definitely picked over. A little disappointing, but my wallet wasn't too upset about it. I did however stumble upon a beautiful soft cream knit that I have been thinking about since I left. Does anyone else do this? Because I have styled it multiple ways and I just keep thinking about how soft it was. Was only $29.99, which for the quality, was a steal. Will I go and grab it or order it online? Well, only time will tell! Won't take Columbo to solve the mystery because you know your girl will be styling it left and right. I am so excited to have chunky knit season upon us! 

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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