Balance. An elusive part of life. 

Balance has been an ongoing lesson in 2020, something that has been at the forefront.. and it just keeps coming back up. So, naturally, I need to listen to that. If something keeps showing itself there's a reason.

 But it begs the question, can one person have it all?

As an optimistic realist, I like to think that it is in fact possible. 

Every day is a new chance and opportunity to create that balance in life. Some days are going to be filled with work, while other days are going to be filled with family and friends. Then others? A nice little blend of everything. I'll be honest, I'm not doing the most amazing job at that. Am I busy, productive, and efficient? For the most part. But I also couldn't tell you the last time I had time to sit down, just read a book and not have the compulsion to check my phone and read an email or see how a post is doing. I love what I do, and I'm so grateful for the knowledge I've gained.. but I do miss the peace of mind of truly shutting off.

I like to keep my mind busy, especially if I'm trying to figure things out in my head. It's a form of escapism while sorting things out, efficiency is key, amiright? I add more projects because the logical side of me says one day it will all be worth it... While the flip side of the yin knows I'm doing it as part distraction and part solution to working through the riddle that is life. As I get older I realize more and more that I know less and less. What I once wanted and dreamed of, I no longer crave or desire.. And the things I never thought I would want, I have. It's interesting how life works. That's even a balance; past and present. The most interesting part of it all is I know far less than I thought I would at this point in life, somehow that's a freeing feeling. I'm figuring so much out and can feel a new shift happening to create a new balance. It's exciting and confusing all rolled into one. Life, amiright? 

Why bring any of this up? Well, for one, I do better writing it out. Whether that's in a text to someone, writing it down just for myself.. Or, writing it for here. But the other big part is I've been a bit less active and creative on here and on Instagram because of all of this. I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can get back to a normal schedule and balance everything out a bit better.

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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