Cheers to Year Three

It is honestly crazy to me that today is the blog's third birthday. Wowza has time flown by. So much has changed since I started the blog, and it's amazing to take a walk down memory lane. On November 5th, 2017 I sat on my couch, opened up Blogspot on my phone, and got started! That's right, the first few months everything I did for the blog was on my phone. Pictures and editing (still do), writing, and scheduling said posts. Check out the first post here! I mean, come a long way, right? 

It's honestly wild to me to see where I was at that first month, and where I'm at now. Personally, creatively, and everything in between. 

Recently memories popped up on my phone from the week before I started the blog, and honestly, for me, they're a little hard to look at. To the average person, I don't think they would notice a darn thing, but to me, those pictures bring me right back to those moments where there was a whole lot going on. I felt in a lot of ways not in control, unhappy and as a result of those, helpless. When you're a type-A person who feels even one of those, you try to find something you can control or if you're like me, an outlet. I'm a natural-born multi-tasker, so anytime I have something big going on, I find another (or multiple) projects to occupy my mind and my time. The healthiest of coping mechanisms? Not quite sure, but I've gotta tell you, I get A LOT done. So, this space became the outlet that I could create looks, write, and just put whatever I needed to at that moment out there into the world. 

And here we are, three years later! I looked back at my first month's posts, and it's really cool to see how far I've come. The creative eye was there for some, the concept but lack of execution was also there and a little bit of close but no cigar. Join me on a walk down memory lane of November 2017!

Check out year one and year two's celebrations!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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