Self-Care Sunday

A week ago I wrote a post all about balance, and this week has been a HUGE one for that. I've cut down my screen time significantly and limit my time on Instagram mostly to the work I do for other accounts and not really mine. The past few months I have realized just how much time I spend on it, and it was starting to feel like I didn't have control over it. I was aware I was doing it, I didn't want to be that much and there I was endlessly scrolling. Three big factors pushed me to get there. The first was a chat I had recently about what if we as a society from having internet to zero internet? Who would be okay, and who would have a hard time? I think I would do just fine, and I think my mental health would be in a more level place. And this week with cutting down I wholeheartedly think that's true. The next two factors kind of coincide. The first is one of my best friends who was a big advocate for social media cut it out completely and explained why. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one experiencing it, but it made me accountable for what I've been wanting to do. The last thing? Moving the icon on my phone so I was aware when I was going on it. 

By cutting it out I really feel like I've been given the gift of time. Which shows you just how much I was on it... Yowza. In the morning I watch a little YouTube or attempt meditation before I do work in the morning, and at night after work I watch minimal tv, then read. My go-to read at the moment is The Home Edit's latest book! More of a coffee table book, but I'm absolutely loving it. And of course, it makes me want to organize (ahem, or reorganize) every spot possible in my house. Saturday night I was reading and mentally planning my plan of attack. So Sunday morning bright and early started my Self-Care Sunday. I spent the first five hours decluttering, organizing, and holiday decorating! Not your average form of self-care, but for me, if my surrounding is at peace, so is my mind. And to finish off the day I did a little Holiday shopping to finish off my list! It's amazing what happens when you focus on you and maintaining a balance. Let's do this!


Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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