14 going on 27

Looking back is an incredibly interesting thing. We're told to not dwell on the past, not be solely focused on the future, but remain present and in the moment. That is something I've gotten far better with, but what is really fascinating is to take a glimpse in the past and see how many things are different, and how many things are exactly the same. For me, fourteen is the age I feel perpetually at. Not that I haven't matured, or I was just a very mature fourteen. My mind sees things differently of course, far less black and white, just gray. I'm not really sure why fourteen, but that's just the age I always feel despite now being twenty-seven. My taste in music, movies, guys, make-up and books hasn't changed all that much. Expanded in those categories, sure, but the solid foundation of who I am is still the same. I mean, I still love the same mascara (CoverGirl Lash Blast, you'll thank me later). What I'm getting at is fourteen year old me knew what she wanted as a whole. Didn't know how to get there and achieve it or saw certain things as out of her league. I'm happy to say I'm making that girl proud and each day is a pinch-me moment! Never let yourself down, your current self or your past self, your future self will thank you.

Sunnies: Amazon ||
Scarf: Dior ||
Jacket: Forever 21 ||
Tee: Slash ||
Jeans: Walmart ||
Sneakers: Nike ||

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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