January Thoughts

Happy January! I feel like many others I'm viewing life a little differently. I mean, we're in a pandemic, so I'm definitely stating the obvious. But this shift started two years ago for me and it's just continued. I've learned to let go, a lot. I'm still your friendly neighborhood Type A chick who loves to multitask and be productive and plan; just far more mellow. A mellow Type A? Yeah, we exist. One of the big things is this year, I don't have a long list of goals or hopes like I did last year. Not to say that isn't great, because it can create amazing changes. I'm much more aware of my water intake and screentime amount than I was this time last year, so that's a positive! This year I'm looking at it as there are three main things I've got on my forefront of thought.. am I going to share them? Not til they happen. The wheels are already in motion and I'm really excited to see what comes this year. And we're only a few days in! For Hank's birthday, we took a long Winter walk in my favorite place, an excellent day for the two of us, and seemed like the right way to kick off the year. Walks there always get my mind in the right place, allow me to think extensively, it's grounding.. And, it's absolutely beautiful. 2021, let's do this!

Thanks for reading!!
Leah xx


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